Willie Harris' 2011 Topps Update baseball card

Noted Mets killer Willie Harris has signed minor league contract with the Cincinnati Reds organization, according to MLB.com beat reporter Mark Sheldon. If Harris makes the Reds out of spring training and reaches his incentives, he could earn $1 million.

This is good news for Harris, who has a job for 2012, and for the Mets (since Harris will have no more than six chances to hurt them this year.)

In other news, Beckett Media reports that Jose Reyes will have a short-printed variation baseball card picturing him as a Miami Marlin in Topps Series One, which is due to arrive in stores at the beginning of February. For collectors who miss out, Reyes will have a different, non-shortprint card in Series Two.

Also from Beckett Media, a pair of socks worn by Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig sold for nearly $9,000 at a recent auction. Who said the economy isn’t doing fine? Sigh.

Only 27 more days until the official start of spring training for the New York Mets.

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