Today was supposed to be a highlight for Matt Harvey, one of the top prospects in the New York Mets’ farm system. He got to start his first major league game, albeit a Grapefruit League one.

Instead, it turned into a learning experience for the 22-year-old.

“Something I learned from today is slowing everything down, getting off the mound and taking a couple of extra breaths,” Harvey said as reported by “It wasn’t nerves or anything like that. It was me being a little amped up and my body was moving a little too quick. It’s something I’ll learn from.”

With luck, Harvey will turn out to be an important part of the Mets’ pitching rotation in the future.┬áBut today’s start should put an end to any thoughts that he’s ready for the big leagues now.

We’ve got ten more Grapefruit League games to get through before Opening Day, but I’m ready for the season to start.

I’ve had enough of games populated by “Minor League Guy,” endless stories about when David Wright will be ready to play baseball, Andres Torres‘ left calf, and 25-man roster projections.

Let’s play ball!

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