David Wright claimed the Mets all-time RBI record

  • Congratulations to David Wright for getting the big hit to give R.A. Dickey his third win of the season and setting the Mets’ all-time RBI record last night.
  • With last night’s victory over the Miami Marlins, the 2012 New York Mets are now 3-0 when I’m at Citi Field. And all three games have been interesting ones – Johan Santana‘s return on Opening Day, the only game in Mets history that they’ve won on a game-ending catcher’s error, and the game where Wright took possession of the Mets’ all-time RBI record.
  • At one point last night, I wondered if there might have been more fans in Trenton to watch Andy Pettitte pitch for the New York Yankees’ Double-A affiliate, but the crowd did fill in a bit once the game got underway. Still, I think this was the smallest crowd I’ve seen at Citi Field.
  • Booing Jose Reyes has gotten old already. A couple of days ago when I suggested that it was appropriate after his initial introduction as a returning player, I expected Reyes to do something to become a Met nemesis. So far, he’s 1-for-8 against them and the only hit was a harmless single. For the season, Reyes is  batting .217 with a .276 on base percentage, no home runs, is 4-for-6 in stolen bases, and Ozzie Guillen is already answering questions about when it will be time to drop him out of the leadoff spot. Based solely on April 2012, I’d rather have Ruben Tejada.

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4 responses

  1. MJ says:

    Great pictures! Considering your record, we’re going to have to get you to Citi more often.

    I still say those Marlin unis are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. Yes, uglier than the Astros’ rainbow jerseys. Much. They’re kind of the color of dead fish.


    • Paul says:

      Thank you!

      I was thinking that too – I’ve got tickets to three games next month to finish out the six-game pack I bought to get Opening Day without dealing with the dynamic pricing silliness, but I don’t know how many more games I’ll get to beyond those…


  2. Freddy says:

    I agree with the Marlins uniforms being horrible. How about the SD Padres from the 70s?

    Not a fan of the current Toronto uniforms either


    • Paul says:

      The mostly-black uniforms that the Marlins wore while playing the Mets just seemed boring to me, not terrible.

      I didn’t like the black jerseys that the Rockies were wearing when they played the Mets Friday, either. What happened to purple?

      Most of the 1970s uniform designs are best forgotten, I think. I’ve yet to see this year’s Blue Jays uniforms…