I’m not sure when this baseball card was produced, what set it belongs to or even where I got it. But how many baseball cards show Gil Hodges standing next to Yogi Berra?

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  1. JasonP says:

    I believe this is from the Gil Hodges ASA set from 1983 or 1984. I got a random scattering of these, along with all manner of random TCMA cards (usually the same 5 or 6 minor league cards everyone else has…Spike Owen, Kirk McCaskill, Rufino Linares, Frank Wills, Jack Fimple, etc) in a Treat collectors kit back in 1987. I think I also got a similar assortment of more random TCMA goodness in one of those variety packs ToysRUs used to carry back then that would have a Topps 3-D card, some random packs of older Topps or Donruss and a stack of random older commons.


  2. Will in Central NJ says:

    If I recall correctly, the TCMA sets are unauthorized by the MLB Players’ Association and by MLB itself. I recall handing a couple of 1969 Met players some TCMA cards (from an “All Time Mets” set) to autograph at a card show, and they politely refused for this reason.