Brooklyn Cyclones outfielder Brandon Nimmo bats

Brooklyn Cyclones outfielder Brandon Nimmo bats during a game at MCU Park on Coney Island this summer. (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

While the Brooklyn Cyclones and Staten Island Yankees are understandably the furthest thing from the minds of Coney Island and Staten Island residents,’s Benajmin Hill took a look at how the two teams are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy:

MCU Park was hit by surges from two nearby bodies of water: Gravesend Bay from the north and the Atlantic Ocean from the south. The front offices, dugouts and clubhouses were flooded with approximately four feet of water, leading to surreal sights such as floating merchandise in the team store and shrimp making a temporary home in the dugout tunnels.

“This is not about us, and we won’t make it about us, not when we have fans two blocks away who have lost their homes.[said Cyclones general manager Steve Cohen] [MCU Park] is just our office. There is so much going on that’s more important.”

“On Opening Day we’re going to be good to go and we’re going to make it awesome,” said Cohen…. “I guess now the big question is whether our mascot should change his name,” said Cohen. “I can see us doing a ‘Sandy Says He’s Sorry’ night.”

If you didn’t see the article yesterday, it’s worth a read.

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