In 1989, a lot of baseball fans were excited about Will Clark and Kevin Mitchell, who led the San Francisco Giants to a National League title. They finished 1-2 in the NL MVP voting, with Mitchell claiming the award with his league-leading 47 home runs, 125 RBI and .635 slugging percentage.

Star Co., a small baseball card maker in the 1980s and 90s that produced a lot of 10-card sets that focused on one particular player, broke with tradition and paired the two SF Giants stars in one set. So why is this relevant to a New York Mets baseball card collector?

Simple – two of Mitchell’s cards in the set used photos from 1986 when he was a Met.



If you were following the Mets in 1989, how many times did you wonder that year if New York’s season would have been different with Mitchell in left field instead of Kevin McReynolds? (And if I’ve got any San Diego Padres fans stopping by, how many of you wondered how things would have been different for your team if it had kept Mitchell?)

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