I’ve yet to see any of this year’s Topps Update cards at my local Target, but I might as well stop looking – I’ve already gotten just about every card I would really want. I bought the main Mets team set from an eBay dealer last month, and I’m now starting to acquire some of the insert cards.

Before Thanksgiving, my friend Bart sent me this Matt Harvey card, one of the red-border parallels exclusive to Target.

Thorzul Will Rule is running his annual “Trade Me Anything” event. I sent in around 150 or so random cards that were waiting to be put away properly, and I got a pair of cool inserts: 


Remember how excited we all were when the Mets traded for Johan Santana? At least his no-hitter this year will leave us with a happier memory than his valiant, if futile, attempt to keep the Mets alive in the 2008 pennant race.

Gary Carter will always be my favorite baseball player, and I’m happy to add a new card to my collection when I can.

Thanks for the cards, guys!

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3 responses

  1. Well, the Jason Bay deal makes the Santana signing seem like a stroke of genius, in comparison. I’ll have to check out the “Trade Me Anything” event. Sounds cool.


  2. nighttimeowl says:

    Your Target doesn’t have Topps Update yet? Are they anti-card? Most Targets have had Update for over a month.


    • Paul says:

      I don’t know if they never got it, or if they got it & sold through before I had a chance to find it. I don’t remember seeing anything newer than Allen & Ginter in there, though.