At times, it seems like there are a million Mets blogs on the internet. MetsMama is a new one that deserves a look. With a subtitle of “Finding baseball love again through the eyes of my son,” MetsMama offers a different perspective than the dozens of blogs out there hoping to be the next MetsBlog.

David Wright (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

David Wright (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Quoting from the author’s Christmas Day post, which brought a smile to my face:

And as a gift to my new readers a hilarious Mets exchange heard today
Jack- “what happens if David Wright can’t play”
Me-“someone covers for him like Turner”
Jack-” what happens if Turner can’t cover”
Me- “well, maybe the call someone up from the minors. Like…uh…Wilmer Flores”
Jack-“what happens if Wilbur Flowers can’t play?”
Me- “I don’t know buddy, they shuffle guys around”
Jack-” no, mom, I think they build a robot”

Robot baseball? I’m on board – at least as a winter pastime. :-)


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  1. BrewDawgNJ says:

    Wilbur Flowers!?! Awesome.
    Definitely a must-read.