Last month, I invited my readers to help me clean up some sports cards that had piled up on my desk.

Steve asked for these two cards:

Brian-Davis-front Fatality-front

In return, he sent a couple of Mets key chains and about 50 assorted Mets baseball cards, with a lot of 1980s oddballs thrown in. My favorites are the 1984 Fleer Star Stickers and the metal baseball glove keychain.


Unfortunately, I don’t have anything else sitting on my desk to start a new round of “Trade Me (Almost) Anything… (unless there’s more demand for a handful of 2013 Topps inserts than I think… in which case let me know & I’ll be happy to scan my Chasing History, Calling Card, Chasing The Dream and red Target parallel cards instead of putting them in a box.)

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