I haven’t bought any more packs of 2013 baseball cards since the three I picked up last week, but my friend Bart gave me a few more Mets cards.

Lucas Duda's 2013 Topps baseball card

Lucas Duda’s 2013 Topps baseball card

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Lucas Duda… potentially the best hitter in what is likely to be the worst Mets outfield of recent memory. Of all the players who wear #21, Topps chose Duda for card #21 in this years set, so he’s got that going for him anyway.

Daniel Murphy's 2013 Topps baseball card

Daniel Murphy’s 2013 Topps baseball card


Topps picked a photo of Muph in mid-air… I hope he completed the throw and recorded an out on this play. The card back helpfully points out that Murph needs more than 3,700 hits to claim baseball’s career record. Assuming that he continues to get about 150 per year, he’ll only have to play another 25 seasons….

Jeurys Familia's 2013 Topps baseball card

Jeurys Familia’s 2013 Topps baseball card


Familia needs 5,705 more strikeouts to claim baseball’s career strikeout record. If we assume that he becomes a reliever and strikes out 100 batters per year, he’ll only have to keep doing that until he’s 80.

This whole “career chase” thing Topps has going this year is making me realize two things: some baseball records are really amazing, and someone at Topps must be very jealous of major league baseball players.

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6 responses

  1. MJ says:

    I’ve always been a fan of the posed Topps shots I grew up with (love those shots of infielders fielding phantom balls and managers, hand cupped to mouth, shouting out imaginary instructions), but I have to say the photography this year is some of the best I’ve ever seen.


  2. NJ Baseball says:

    I bought a pack yesterday and got the Familia and Murphy cards, too, plus a checklist card with Johan on it. Hadn’t noticed those career chase facts yet. That’s weird.


  3. S Blumenthal says:

    What is in Lucas duda’s mouth?