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I’m just about out of old baseball cards to show you from the group I picked up at last Sunday’s Rahway baseball card show, but here are three additions to my 1971 Topps Mets team set. This is my least favorite set of the decade because the black borders really highlight every possible imperfection.

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  1. I love the ’71 cards, but with those black borders it’s almost impossible to find them in really good condition.


  2. Stubby says:

    I like all the “classic” designs. They were all (or almost all) unique and showed real creativity. All the modern designs look the same to me. It’s like Topps ran out of creative juices in the 80s–first recycling the old ones, then going to an essentially generic look more recently. You see a ’71, you KNOW its a ’71. You see a 2012 and its–is that a 2011 or a 2013? And anyone who has scoured the web knows there are still unique designs that can be created; webmasters everywhere are doing so. Not Topps, though. That’s one reason I dig Heritage so much. The old designs really frame the pictures so well. The new designs? Not so much. Would it kill Topps to make cards without foil lettering? Just sayin’.