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I do read all emails, but I don’t always have time to respond. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, none of the cards, autographs or other items that I blog about are for sale or trade. Also, unless explicitly stated otherwise, I am not looking to buy or trade for baseball cards, autographs or other memorabilia items.

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If you have an event that you think my readers and I would be interested in, please email me at I’ll be happy to share information about it if I agree. Similarly, if you would like me to review a baseball-related book, baseball cards or similar items, please contact me.

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  1. akiraplaysshort says:

    I’m starting a starting a fantasy baseball series using MLB clubs farm system and how to grow auction, dynasty, and keeper leagues. Lets just say its a little edgy. And I rant a little. Not your everyday style. Tell me what you think?


  2. Matt says:

    hey paul i am starting a website of my own and was wondering if you would like to become a member
    the website is


  3. david berman says:

    paul send me your email address w sebnd u my updated Mets auto list, i have many u stillneed. Do u have good address for herm Winningham? Do u have extra Wiz auto? Dave


  4. Lou Brutus says:

    Paul: Great blog! Just posted a link to it on my Facebook page. Whenever possible, please post more autograph opps with Mets players. I know you do it already, but the more the merrier! And thanks for the tip on Harvey M’s address list.


  5. Carolyn Smith says:

    I have the Pro Stamps of the White Sox and the Cubs. Can you tell me what I should ask for them? If you don’t do that, it’s fine, I will keep looking. Thanks Carolyn


  6. dan casali says:

    I have a 1963-64 N.Y. Mets banner with a team photo on it. I would like to know what its worth?


    • Paul says:

      Without more information (who made it, what condition is it in, etc.) I couldn’t even begin to guess. Try checking completed auction listings on eBay for similar items to get an idea.


  7. jose luis garcia says:

    buenos dias, tengo una barajita de choo coleman igual a la que tiene en la foto, pero sin autografo, quisiera venderla.


  8. Julian Ditto says:

    I’m a former teammate (Dodger) of Dan Smith, whose pic is on this site. I’ve been trying to reach him for years. If you have contact information would you forward it to Thanks, Julian Ditto


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