I’m trying to obtain a baseball card signed by each player who has appeared in a game for the New York Mets. (Please be aware that I don’t sell autographs, do not make a habit of getting extra signatures to trade and have a limited budget to make purchases.)

These are the ones I’m still looking for:

  • Luis Alvarado
  • Scott Atchison
  • Billy Baldwin
  • Lute Barnes
  • Gus Bell
  • Mike Bishop
  • Henry Blanco
  • Jerry Blevins
  • Ken Boyer
  • Mark Bradley
  • W. Chris Carter
  • Darrell Ceciliani
  • Yoenis Cespedes
  • Elio Chacon
  • Rich Chiles
  • Harry Chiti
  • John Christensen
  • Tyler Clippard
  • Cliff Cook
  • Joe DePastino
  • Sammy Drake
  • Dana Eveland
  • Joe Foy
  • Danny Frisella
  • Gonzalez Germen
  • Erik Goeddel
  • Jesse Gonder
  • Geremi Gonzalez
  • Bill Graham
  • Greg Harts
  • Bob Hendley
  • Ron Herbel
  • Felix Heredia
  • Gil Hodges
  • Wayne Housie
  • Jonathan Hurst
  • Roy Lee Jackson
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Sherman Jones
  • Jeff Kaiser
  • Takashi Kashiwada
  • Jay Kleven
  • Dae-Sung Koo
  • Cal Koonce
  • Jack Lamabe
  • David Lamb
  • Kevin Lomon
  • Brandon Lyon
  • Mike G. Marshall
  • Ramon E. Martinez
  • Ted Martinez
  • Jerry May
  • John Mayberry Jr.
  • Herb Moford
  • Johnny Monell
  • Tommy Moore
  • Bob Moorhead
  • Danny Muno
  • Billy Murphy
  • Dale Murray
  • Dan Murray
  • Bob Myrick
  • Danny Napoleon
  • Charlie Neal
  • Eric O’Flaherty
  • José Parra
  • Andy Phillips
  • Mike Phillips
  • Grover Powell
  • Rich Puig
  • Elvin Ramirez
  • Bob Rauch
  • Addison Reed
  • Hal Reniff
  • Kenny Rogers
  • Don Rowe
  • Al Schmelz
  • Dick Selma
  • Tsuyoshi Shinjo
  • Charley W. Smith
  • Dennis Springer
  • Dick Stuart
  • Tim Stauffer
  • Ken Takahashi
  • Billy Taylor
  • Lou Thornton
  • Dick Tidrow
  • Rusty Tillman
  • Alex Torres
  • Juan Uribe
  • Raul Valdes
  • Logan Verrett
  • Carl Willey

Names in bold are deceased. Names in italics are pending acquisitions.

13 responses »

  1. david berman says:

    pls email me at above, i have a very extensive inventory of autograph mets cards
    including many names on your want lists. I can send u my full list


  2. Cameron says:

    Are you going to give out any autographs.


  3. Cameron says:

    I was asking if I could have a players autograph.


  4. Doris J. Baskins says:

    I do want to know if Jose Reyes shortstop for the mets going to the All Star Games.


  5. Jeff B. says:


    Did you see that a member of SCN (elpaso) will be seeing Francisco Estrada – 1971 Mets

    “I will be going to Douglas, AZ on July 9.
    I will cross the border and see the Caborca @ Agua Prieta game.
    These teams are members of the Liga Norte de Mexico.

    Francisco (Paquin) Estrada is the manager for Agua Prieta Vaqueros.
    He has only two known cards.
    1991 Mets Wiz 110
    2002-03 Venezuelan Lineup 300

    I will get Estrada for $10.00 and required postage for your item.
    He is the manager today; don’t know about July 9, when I get there.

    He played one game for the New York Mets on September 14, 1971.

    I need by July 8, 2011”


  6. Stephen says:

    When you go to shows and you look through the tables with autographed cards, Do you know off the top of your head who you need? Or do you carry a list with you of the guys you still need?


  7. Baseball Dad says:

    I don’t see him on your list, but I have a 2002 Bowman’s Best Adam Walker certified on-card auto if you’re interested!


  8. jaymie says:

    I have a 1975 mets program that is autographed by joe torre for sale. email me if your interested.


  9. isasson says:

    I have 2 Wilmer Flores ft


  10. ThatBallhawk says:

    I have a Elvin Rimerez on a baseball and an 8 x 10 but no baseball card


  11. Mario says:

    This is an insane project. I can’t believe you’ve gotten this far already, that is very impressive!

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