Who says the last week of January is boring?

Should Manny be a Met?


Should Manny be a Met?


Well we have all kinds of controversy and excitement in trading card land today.

Upper Deck is having a very bad week. They lost their license to produce NBA Basketball cards, since the NBA decided to grant Panini a monopoly.

This comes after news Monday that Konami is suing Upper Deck for allegedly distributing counterfeit Yu-Gi-Oh game cards. (Upper Deck denies the charge.)

Major League Baseball is suing Donruss for unathorized use of trademarks in its 2008 baseball releases.

On the baseball front, the Mets pitching rotation still looks pretty weak — but that’s not stopping everyone from WFAN callers to Jerry Manuel from campaigning for a Manny signing.

Meanwhile, the Yankees managed to deal with their own rotation problems by finally re-signing Andy Pettitte. I hate getting sucked into the whole Mets vs. Yankees thing, but I can’t help feeling like the Yankees won this offseason.

I’m not sure how much I care about any of this, but I guess it makes for late-January entertainment.


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  1. Well it is almost February and still Manny is unemployed. Seems his agent is asking way more then what he should get. Because if anyone thought he was worth an mega deal he would have had one by now.
    Looks like Manny will sign some ridiculous deal for a couple of years, Say a one and one option, and then move on again in a year or too. Hell he may on sign a 1 year deal with the Pirates. LOL


  2. I hope Manny gets at least two years somewhere if he doesn’t end up in Queens.

    I don’t really like him, and I wouldn’t want to see the Mets make a long-term commitment to him. But if you could sign Manny for just one year, how could you pass up that opportunity?


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