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I have a few minutes to post something tonight, so I’m going to answer Gellman’s question for the sixth Blog Bat Around. (Sure, I could keep my promise to show you the autographs I got at last night’s Bears game… but that would involve scanning a bunch of cards, uploading them and then writing something. This way, I just have to write a little. 😉 )

Back in 2004, I started a Blogger blog to show off some of the autographs I was getting through the mail. I was somewhat active on a message board that no longer exists, and I thought it would be nice to have a place to show off some scans. While that blog no longer exists, I imported the content when I started my WordPress site. You can still read my first post.

Over time, I’ve branched out. I’ll write about baseball cards in general, baseball itself, games I go to and even some random stuff that nobody really seems to care about. It’s fun to collect, but it’s nice to be able to share your interests with like-minded people too.

I’ve been blessed with a couple of great friends who are also baseball fans, autograph seekers and card collectors. I see them quite a bit during baseball season, but not so much during the winter. My family accepts my collecting  interests, but they don’t really share them. Most of my friends and co-workers think of the singer if you say “Santana,” not the Mets’ ace.

It’s nice to have place where a few people might actually care about the great card I pulled or the autograph that I’m excited to have gotten. And in return, I’ve met a bunch of interesting people who have their own unique perspectives on card collecting and baseball.

Tomorrow, I really will get those cards scanned. I expect to be away in Bridgeport, Conn. for most of the weekend to see my second new (to me) ballpark of the season, and I don’t expect to have internet access. Next week, you can look forward to a game report from Bridgeport, some virtual cards featuring the Trenton Thunder in their Mother’s Day pinks, my first batch of Atlantic League virtual cards and whatever other random stuff occurs to me along the way. 🙂


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  1. I’m jealous. My first new ballpark of the year (I don’t count renovated Kauffman as new) is scheduled for next weekend when I head to Lincoln, Nebraska.

    Sadly, that is the only new ballpark visit that I have scheduled this year. After that one, the nearest park that I haven’t been to will be about four hours away.


  2. This is shaping up to be a record season to me. I can count CitiField as my first new park of the season.

    Harbor Yard in Bridgeport has been around for a decade, but I’ve never seen it. I’m also going to see KeySpan Park in Brooklyn later this summer and I suppose there’s an outside chance I’ll get to Yankee Stadium sometime this season.

    I’ve never managed to visit more than one new park in a season before.


  3. Sounds like you are going to have a fun summer. Last year, I made it to 16 new parks from Tijuana to Brooklyn and Staten Island. My trip to the southwest actually got me back into autograph collecting since I went to five minor league parks on the trip.

    On a side note, I think I’m going to make it to a Iowa Cubs game this summer during the College World Series. I had forgot about that in my previous post.


    • Sounds like a fun trip.

      I love the Mets, but I think going to minor league and independent league baseball games is a lot more fun.

      You can’t really “Meet the Mets” anymore, unless you’ve got a ton of money and can afford to attend their charity events. The minors are a whole different story. 🙂


  4. Same reason for me, People are never impressed by my autos, Ill show them my Jarrod Salty….TTM return and all they notice is ” Why does it say Derek jeter says on the bottom?”


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