eBay Auction Win: 1997 Game-used Carl Everett bat

I mentioned that I won a game-used Carl Everett bat on eBay over the weekend. Well, it came today.


It dates back to Everett’s days with the New York Mets at the beginning of his 14-year Major League career.


There’s a lot of use evident, but there’s still plenty of clear space for Everett to sign the bat barrel.


There’s some kind of a game-used equipment inventory sticker on the bat barrel, but neither I nor the seller knew what it was from. I’m a little tempted to remove it, but I have the feeling that would just make a bigger mess.

(Also, I need to get out the vacuum cleaner.)


Everett’s #3 has been written on the knob of the bat, along with the Rawlings manufacturer numbers.


The handle has been nicely taped and there’s a small crack in the handle that does not detract from the displayability of the bat.

I’m not sure if I’m going to take this bat down to Camden this weekend or wait the Bears are back home in Newark next weekend to try to get it signed.

Everett has become one of my favorite players since he came to the Atlantic League. Considering the reputation that he developed in the Major Leagues, I wasn’t expecting to like him. Once I saw how he interacted with fans, I began to change my opinion. And when I saw him spending 10-15 minutes talking with and signing autographs for kids, he won me over.

Everett doesn’t have the speed he did when he was a New York Met — these days, he’s just going to hit home runs and singles. But in the Atlantic League, he’s still a star.


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  1. That looks awesome. I can’t wait to hear how it goes. This is a great piece to a collection!


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