Baseball Card Review: 2009 Camden Riversharks


The Camden Riversharks are making their first trip of the season to Newark tonight, so let’s take a look at their 2009 team set.

The Riversharks partnered with Choice Sportscards to produce a 24-card set with an unnumbered checklist. You can order the set through the Riversharks’ website for $8 plus shipping, but I bought mine at the stadium during my July 4th weekend trip. The set includes 22 player cards, plus manager Joe Ferguson and pitching coach Jeff Scott.


The cards are all vertically-oriented and include a variety of action and candid shots. There are no posed photos. This is a mixed blessing, as the photo quality is very uneven. There are some great action shots, but there are also a bunch of mediocre ones.


The photographer caught the moment as the ball left Tom Davey’s hand.


But settled for a shot of Nate Bump’s back


and a shot of Dewon Brazelton where his face is almost completely hidden in shadow.


Jason Jacobs is captured working on his swing during pre-game warmups


but the other batting photo cards look like this


or this, where you really don’t see faces.


Brian Finegan is caught attempting to make a double play throw on my second favorite card in the set


but there are a few too many cards like this one, featuring Brian Burgamy jogging off the field.


Frederick Torres warms up a pitcher in the bullpen on one of the nicer catcher’s cards I’ve seen in a minor league set this year.


Julio Guerrero watches the game from the bullpen on my favorite card in the Riversharks’ team set.


Manager Joe Ferguson appears to be looking towards the heavens, but the photo is just at a strange angle.

I’m scoring a double for the Camden Riversharks’ 2009 team set. On the plus side, they have some nice photography and variety in photo selection, and the card design is not unpleasant. On the minus side, some boring and poor quality photos made it into the set, and only 24 card means some people who were around on Opening Day didn’t make it into the card set.

The Atlantic League card set reviews will resume later this week; we still have Lancaster, Long Island’s 10th Anniversary set and York to take a look at.


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  1. Nice set! And I dont know why but Ive hered of that Majewski guy before…


  2. Majewski played 9 games for the Orioles in 2004. He’s a local NJ guy, born in New Brunswick; he was a Rutgers product and he played for the Bears for the first third of the 2008 season.

    He has a fair number of ML baseball cards, considering his relatively brief time in the show.


  3. Do you know where I can get other past player’s cards from Camden Riversharks??


  4. You can check with the team to see if they might have any older sets. They didn’t produce cards in 2008, so don’t go crazy trying to find them 🙂

    You can also check eBay… sometimes Atlantic League card sets will pop up.

    You can also try the dealers listed on this page. Somebody may be able to help.

    Finally, if you are looking for specific former players rather than the full team set, you can try Dave Weber.


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