Upper Deck Baseball: 1989-2010

As you probably saw yesterday, Upper Deck settled its lawsuit with Major League Baseball. The financial aspects of the agreement don’t really interest me – I don’t have a stake in Upper Deck.

What does interest me is where Upper Deck will go from here with their baseball card line.

According to reports, Upper Deck agreed it will not make any new sets of cards using MLB logos, uniforms, trade dress, or club color combinations. The card manufacturer also agreed it will not airbrush, alter or block MLB marks in future products.

That pretty much sounds like Upper Deck is getting out of the baseball card business. But then there was this statement by Jason Masherah, Upper Deck’s director of Sports Brands. “As a company, we are changing the direction of Upper Deck’s baseball products going forward. We are looking forward to creating fresh and innovative set content that will continue to get collectors excited.”

So, what does this mean for the future of Upper Deck’s baseball products?  Maybe this is an unintentional look ahead.

This Mike Pelfrey Signature Sensations card could very well be the final Upper Deck card purchase. Aside from some stray bits of legalese on the back, there’s nothing to indicate that it wasn’t sanctioned by Major League Baseball. Even if they had airbrushed away the Mets logos, I still would have taken it. I needed a Mike Pelfrey autograph for my collection. 🙂


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  1. awesome awesome pelfrey auto, how did you get it? I still dont have that one!


    • $8.68 on eBay. I was hoping that I wasn’t bidding against you for it.

      It’s a sticker autograph, but unless you’re checking, you really wouldn’t notice.


  2. For some reason, the sidebar on my blog and Auto-Matic list your last post as two months ago. Any ideas?


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