Lunchtime Link: LAMSAs and Last Mets Standing

Greg Prince took a look down memory lane to point out that Jay Payton is the “Longest Ago Met Still Active” over at Faith and Fear in Flushing.

Just when you thought you’d never again see a 1998 Met in the big leagues — no one who knew the rare pleasure of dressing in the same clubhouse as Tony Phillips, Ralph Milliard, Todd Haney, Willie Blair and Jorge Fabregas — up stepped Jay Payton to emerge as this season’s Longest Ago Met Still Active (LAMSA).

I still remember watching Payton as a first year pro when the Pittsfield Mets played the New Jersey Cardinals in 1994. Neither minor league team is still around, but he still is.

That says something, I’m sure, but mostly it just makes me feel old.


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