Flashback: 1994 Mets Shultz Chevrolet Spring Training set

Last week, when I wrote about getting Frank Seminara’s autograph on my other blog, I alluded to the 1994 Mets Shultz Chevrolet Spring Training set.

In 1994, the Mets’ spring training programs contained one of eight cardstock sheets. On the front were three “cards” and an advertisement for Bill Shultz Chevrolet. The back listed the rosters for the Mets and their opponent of the day.

I learned of these “cards” from an article in Sports Collector’s Digest (or maybe it was Mets Inside Pitch… who knows?) I wrote to the St. Lucie Mets that spring and asked to buy a set of eight programs… whoever got a hold of my request was nice enough to do so rather than sending me eight random programs.

The cards feature an interesting mix of old and new spring training portraits and major and minor league game action. For a few players, these are their only “cards” showing them in Met uniforms.

And here’s one of the roster backs. Check out #70 on the Yankees’ side.


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  1. My guess is they didn’t do this again the next year?


  2. OOH! One of the few Kevin McReynolds cards I’m still missing, and one of the only ones I’ve never even seen. I was beginning to think it didn’t actually exist.


    • It’s funny to see a late-80s shot on a 1994 card, particularly since they got a photo for Pete Smith (another new acquisition for 1994)


  3. Also funny to see Posada as a NRI, and the great Sam Horn wearing Rivera’s 42.


  4. Very cool cards. These oddball sets are the best for showing players in unusual uniforms. I received a Hershey Orioles team set in a trade that was kind of similar to these, but weren’t from a program.


  5. If only Pettitte were on the roster, it’d be the Core Four as NRIs, all with high uni #s. Cool stuff.


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