Nightly Newsstand: April 28, 2011


Photo credit: David Francis

John Delcos is renewing the call for expanded use of instant replay in baseball following Marvin Hudson’s terrible call against Jose Reyes last night. I agree that the quality of umpiring is not good, but here’s my thought. Instead of taking the human element out of the game, why not standardize and improve umpire training and get rid of the guys that keep blowing calls? We see umpires retire every year, but nobody ever seems to get replaced because of poor job performance.

If you missed the game last night, Jon Lewin offers some commentary on Jose Reyes’ “George Brett Pine Tar Moment” at Subway Squawkers.

Daniel Murphy was overly exuberant after helping the Mets to a come-from-behind win on Wednesday night. He told reporters that the Mets were “trying to get to a hundred” wins this season, according to David Waldstein of the New York Times. While not mathematically impossible, it is an improbable goal – they’d need to win at a .649 clip from here out, playing 89-49 down the stretch. I appreciate the optimism, though.

At Mets Police, Dan Twohig shares memories and photos from a 1985 game that turned out to be the last time Rusty Staub played the outfield. I remember reading about the game in Peter Golenbock’s “Bats” … I wish I got to see it.

Fans will be able to meet George Foster or Edgardo Alfonzo at two Citi Bank branches tomorrow, according to the Eddie Kranepool Society. (If only I didn’t have to be at work…)

At ESPN NY, Mark Simon recalls Eric Hillman, the original “tallest Met”

Mark from Squaretender discusses a common problem of scorekeeping – those pesky unearned runs. He suggests doing the best you can to keep track at the ballpark, and checking the box score later to confirm (and learn from any discrepancies.) I agree with his recommendation.

Baseball Cards

Marie posted some scans of Gypsy Queen inserts from her case break at A Cardboard Problem. (I’m definitely skipping this set and waiting for Allen & Ginter. While the cards don’t look bad, none of them look especially interesting or unique, either.)

Mario offers a defense of printing plate inserts at The Wax Morgue. Printing plate inserts aren’t my favorite thing, but if anyone out there has any Mets — no matter how obscure — that they don’t want, please let me know.

The Mojo Hand shows off one heck of a pull at The Mojo Beard. I’m jealous, and I don’t particularly like relic cards or the Yankees.


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  1. Couldn’t believe that Reyes call!


    • It was a bad call & I’m not sure that Hudson was even in the right position to see it.

      I still don’t want to see instant replay for every close call on the bases, though. It makes more sense to get rid of the umpires that consistently miss calls – players that can’t cut it at the major league level don’t stay there long. Umps should be subject to more strenuous review too.


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