Wednesday morning roundup: Bobby Valentine, Nick Evans, Pat Misch, Jonathon Broxton & Octavio Dotel

Octavio Dotel's 1998 Team Best Signature Series card

It looks like Bobby Valentine will be the next manager of the Boston Red Sox, according to Gordon Edes of It’s bound to be an interesting time for Red Sox Nation. I guess we’ll find out how Valentine will handle the Boston club house – I wish him well, but I think he’s taken a thankless job. If Valentine wins, the credit belongs to the players and the payroll behind them. If he loses, well – you saw what happened to Terry Francona.


It’s time to say goodbye to a pair of Mets players who were recently removed from the 40-man roster. Nick Evans signed a minor league deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, while Pat Misch will be spending the summer with the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs and hoping for an opportunity to pitch for the Philadelphia Phillies. I hope that Evans gets a better shot with the Pirates, and I would love to see Misch in the big leagues.

The Mets reportedly had been interested in former Los Angeles Dodgers closer Jonathon Broxton, but he got a better offer from the Kansas City Royals. Considering that Broxton was limited to just over 12 innings this year, I’m not upset that the Mets “missed out.”

The Mets are pursuing Octavio Dotel, who pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals this season, according to’s Anthony DiComo. Dotel has been a closer at a few points in his career, but mostly he’s been a setup man. I guess he could be 2012’s version of Jason Isringhausen, but a 38-year-old veteran reliever would be more valuable to a contender or a team with young relievers he could mentor.


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  1. i am just thrilled we HAVE a manager. huzzah for actually making decisions! and it’s nice to see mets fans so nostalgic about the guy. taking it as a good sign.


    • Sometimes making a decision is more important than trying to make the perfect choice.

      Valentine is one of those colorful personalities that people love or hate – there’s very little middle ground. I really do hope he works out for Boston.


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