Jeromy Burnitz is on next year’s Hall of Fame ballot

signed Jeromy Burnitz 1991 Line Drive card from my collection

Former New York Mets outfielder Jeromy Burnitz is among a fairly unimpressive group of players who are listed on the 2012 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for the first time.

Burnitz was a first-round draft pick and a highly-regarded Mets prospect who didn’t enjoy a lot of success in New York. He received limited playing time in 1993 and 1994, before being traded to the Cleveland Indians in the winter of 1994 in exchange for pitchers Dave Mlicki, Paul Byrd and Jerry DiPoto. During his first go-round with the Mets, Burnitz was briefly one of my favorite players on the team.

Burnitz spent most of his career in Milwaukee, where he had some of his best seasons. He was named to the All-Star team in 1999. Before the 2002 season, Burnitz returned to the Mets in a three-team, 11-player deal.

In 14 seasons, Burnitz had a .253 career average, 315 home runs, 981 RBI and 1447 hits. If any of the baseball writers list his name on their ballots, their voting privileges should probably be rescinded. But part of me wishes that my one-time favorite Met would get at least one vote anyway.

Other notable newcomers to the ballot include former New York Yankees centerfielder Bernie Williams and 2004 Boston Red Sox third baseman Bill Mueller. Holdovers include Mark McGwire, Jeff Bagwell, Jack Morris, Tim Raines and Barry Larkin.

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Who do you think will be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame next year?


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  1. This could be 1 of those years where no one gets in. Lots of border line candidates.

    I’d like to see Morris get in- most wins in the 1980s

    Got my picture taken with Barry Larkin in 2001 @ Cinergy Field- good guy. It’ll be close with him.

    Since Sutter, Eckersley, Gossage, and Fingers are all in- LEE SMITH hopefully will be next.

    That was 1 good trade the Red Sox made to get him- they gave up Al Nipper and Calvin Schiraldi.

    Tim Raines is another borderline candidate. I don’t see him making it though.

    The one guy I’d like to see get in-

    GIL HODGES- similar numbers to Tony Perez


    • I’m surprisingly indifferent towards the writer’s ballot this year. There’s no automatics, and with each year the “maybes” stay on the ballot, the less they seem like they really belong in the Hall.


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