Revised Newark Bears 2012 schedule released

Ticket windows at Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium in Newark (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

The Newark Bears released their revised 2012 schedule today, and a press release from the Can-Am League reveals the reason for the delay.

Can-Am League commissioner Miles Wolff commented, “We are excited about the prospect of playing American Association teams this season, but regret that Brockton will not be on the schedule. We had expected an ownership change in Brockton, but it had not been finalized and we could not delay any longer. With the interleague schedule, we needed an odd number of teams for 2012. A Canadian city was ready for entry and would have been our seventh member, but with the complications in Brockton, league directors decided to move forward with the existing membership. The Rox remain members of the league, and we anticipate their return in 2013.”

The Can-Am League will play a 100-game schedule, with the two teams that have the best overall records facing each other in a playoff series in September to determine the league championship.

The Bears will open the 2012 schedule at home on Thursday, May 17th, and play a four-game series with the Worcester Tornadoes. They will host their cross-county rivals the New Jersey Jackals June 18-21, June 29-July 2, and July 27-29. The Bears will play the Jackals in Montclair July 7-10, August 3-5, and August 28-31. Newark will close out the 2012 season by hosting the Lincoln Saltdogs for a three-game series that ends on Labor Day, September 3rd.

In June, the Bears will open the month with a three game series vs. the St. Paul Saints (June 1-3) that will mark their first taste of interleague play. Newark will make a 10-day road trip to play the Gary SouthShore RailCats, Kansas City T-Bones and Grand Prairie Air Hogs later in the month. In August, Newark will host the T-Bones (August 6-8) and the Saltdogs (August 24-26).

Most home games will start at 6:35 p.m., with the exception of Wednesdays (11:05 a.m. ) and Sundays (1:05 p.m.)


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  1. I wouldn’t hold my breath about Brockton returning in 2013. Just ask the Sussex Skyhawks, Atlantic City Surf, Elmira Pioneers, and the Pittsfield Colonials.

    Any guess to the next addition to the indy league graveyard


  2. Also, the St. Paul Saints come in June 1-3 for a weekend series in Newark.

    The schedule confused me at first — who uses shaded boxes for away games and white boxes for home games?? Every other schedule I can think of has always had the shading — usually a team color, or as the Mets have done in recent years, the “gold/silver/bronze” level shading — for home games and white boxes for away games. It’s a minor detail — perhaps the most minor detail — but yet another small piece that makes me wonder if this ownership has a clue…


  3. I was probably the only person on Earth that liked the 535 pm starts last year- they were perfect for me when work ended @ 330 PM.
    I just hope attendance improves in 2012

    I just checked the site- $349.00 for season tickets. It comes out to around $6.50 per game.

    Paul do you remember Darryl Strawberry on the St. Paul Saints in 1995 before the Yankees picked him up?

    I’m curious to see if I will recognize anyone on the coaching staffs of the American Association teams.


    • One of my friends works similar hours and appreciated the 5:30 starts, but they just aren’t good for that many people…

      The season ticket price isn’t a bad deal, though since many people would be throwing away all of the Wednesday tickets the actual cost per game is a bit higher than $6.50. My desire to go to Bears games in 2012 is going to depend greatly on whether they can field a competitive team and if any of my friends still want to go.

      It does not look like there will be anyone famous visiting Newark next year, unless some of the teams tweak their coaching staffs between now and opening day. Rockland will probably have the most well-known manager and coach, if they retain Dave LaPoint and Damian Rolls.


  4. At this point in time, it’s a good thing the AA is playing some games against the CanAm as a five-team league would have been death to the CanAm what with the same four teams visiting and creative scheduling to account for the off days.

    If Brockton doesn’t come back in ’13 or there’s no new team to take over, the Can Am may be cooked. As Rockland’s goal was to become affiliated, that end of the CanAm might be just over the horizon as the CanAm is not a healthy league.


    • Without being privy to the books for any of the teams – or whether the league truly has legitimate expansion opportunities – I don’t want to speculate on its future. That said, it doesn’t look very bright.

      I am happy that the two leagues were able to come up with an interleague schedule that prevented the return of the New York Federals. While the Atlantic League’s Road Warriors were always competitive in the years I followed it, the Federals were really not able to play at the same level and were not fun to watch.


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