A call for a 1962 Mets reunion this year

A signed Jay Hook 1962 Topps card from my collection. Hook earned the win in the Mets first-ever victory.

Today, Greg Prince wrote about “The Living Memory of the 1962 Mets” at Faith and Fear in Flushing (the best Mets baseball blog on the internet)

Noting that 29 of the 45 men who played for that original Mets squad are still with us, Prince calls on the team to bring those players (as well as some colorful characters who didn’t quite make the cut) to Citi Field this year to introduce them to a new generation of fans:

But no scheduled 1962 reunion? While there are still, after 50 years, more 1962 Mets living than not? That’s no way to celebrate 50 years. If you can’t bear to call it Old Timers Day, then call it something else like Original Mets Day (and don’t dither because you worry every wanna-be wag will make some crack about the 2012 Mets paying tribute to the 1962 Mets already, look at their record, haw-haw). Expense? You just beat the rap…I mean settled out of court on your biggest potential expense. Surely the Mets alumni you’d have to fly in will rate a senior discount.

I hope the Mets take this suggestion to heart.

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  1. A great idea,hope they listen,I only have 5 signatures from that team on a bat and would be great to add many more.


  2. This should have been mandatory!….What a shame that we have to consider this an idea….We shouldn’t even be talking about this.

    Its not like this crappy team is ever going to have one sell out this year! They can’t even sell out opening day!

    Shame on them!


    • It does seem like a no-brainer. I hope they’re not just planning to celebrate the 1962 Mets with stealth appearances through the Mets alumni program, where they bring former players to New York but they don’t really make a big deal out of it for the fans.


  3. Which of the 45 1962 Mets are still living and who have passed away? thanks


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