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Yesterday, Will in Central NJ left this trivia question in the comments:


Name the only member of the 1969 World Champion Mets to have had a son who also played in the Major Leagues. Name the father and son.

I’m stumped, and I’m not resorting to Google on general principles. Any guesses?


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  1. All I could find were these two sites that may provide the answer. I believe he erred when he wrote Mets and should have wrote Orioles.–mlb.html


    • Will in Central NJ

      Ha! Good try, Suzanne. True, Damon Buford did play for the Mets, and his dad was 1969 AL Champion Orioles outfielder Don Buford. But, I’m looking for a 1969 NY Met (who owns a Mets WS Champions ring) whose son also played in the bigs.


  2. Will in Central NJ

    I just took a look at the yahoo-dot-com link provided by Suzanne. The father-and-son answer I seek is not in the top ten Met father/son duos listed by the author. I agree with the author of the article for leaving the trivia-answer pair off of his list, since neither were all-star caliber.

    I’ll try and post the answer by tonight.


  3. Jim McAndrew – father of Jamie McAndrew


  4. My most immediate thought was Yogi and Dale Berra. The question didn’t specify a “player” on the 69 Mets–just a “member”. But that might upset the question specifying “only” as I’m pretty sure (without checking google) Jamie McAndrew was Jim Mcandrew’s kid. I remember the Dodgers drafted Jamie and I remember he pitched in the majors, but I don’t remember with whom. Pirates? Brewers? Somebody like that.


  5. I agree with MJ. I also thought it was Berra, but the I took “member” for player and that’s why I did not post Yogi and Dale as my response. If it is Jamie McAndrew his stats can be found here


  6. Will in Central NJ

    I did intend to state a 1969 Met player, not coach. Bo and MJ are correct: the answer to the trivia question is Jim and his son Jamie McAndrew, who pitched for the Marlins and others in the mid-1990s. It’s interesting to note that at the bottom of Jamie’s baseball-reference page, there’s a link to “1995 Strike Replacement Players”. Good job everyone! Thanks, Paul!


    • Thanks for providing the trivia question. I would have never gotten it unless I looked up the answer online – I didn’t follow baseball enough after the 1994 strike to remember Jamie McAndrew.


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