An unsatisfying ending

Today is the final day of the New York Mets season, but last night’s 11-inning 4-3 loss to the Miami Marlins was the final game I’ll get to watch.

R.A. Dickey‘s magical season reached its conclusion without a 21st victory, since the Mets failed to score a single run while he was in the game. At least Miami relievers Michael Dunn and Heath Bell were bad enough that they let him off the hook for his mistakes – otherwise Dickey would have gotten his seventh loss of the season.

(And this morning, we find out that Dickey has been pitching with a torn abdominal muscle for most of the season. His story just keeps getting better.)

Of course Jose Reyes, cast aside because the Mets couldn’t afford to pay him, came through in the 11th inning with a leadoff triple against Collin McHugh and eventually scored the winning run.

And the one Marlin I was actually rooting for – Adam Greenberg – got to see three pitches in his “one at bat.” He took the first one for a strike and swung through the other two. After a seven year wait and all the publicity surrounding it, Ozzie Guillen sent him out there against the best pitcher in the National League. Brilliant.

The Metsies get one last chance to play in 2012 before the long winter begins. Maybe I’ll be in front of a TV in time to catch the last few innings.

One last time – Let’s go Mets!


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  1. You know I am one of the biggest supporters of this team, but I am no longer disappointed when they lose or even at the season anymore. Why? Other than having a gazillion things keeping me busy, this the lore of our team. Unlike our NY counterparts in theory “win all the time” ours does not so when we do the feeling of elation lasts a lot longer. Well for me it does. We have a few memorable events this season we should be celebrating. Dickey’s 20 wins, Wright making history, Sananta throwing the team’s first no-hitter. That’s what I will remember this year about my beloved underdogs, the Mets. Oh and that hit by Reyes, I rather it come from him than let’s say Stanton.


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