Mets seem serious about keeping Wright

David Wright (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman reports that the Mets will open contract negotiations with David Wright and hope to make him a “Met for life.”

The Mets are expected to open negotiations with an offer for somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million for star third baseman David Wright, people familiar with the team’s thinking said.

My initial thought was that the Mets were making a lowball offer, but $100 million is a fair place to open. Ryan Zimmerman signed a six-year, $100 million extension in February and Jose Reyes took a six-year, $106 million contract from the Marlins last December. (Unless Wright is ready to offer the Mets a “hometown discount,” I do expect they’ll have to improve on their opening offer if they’re serious about keeping him.)

I guess we’ll find out how interested Wright is in hanging around for the rest of the Mets rebuilding process.

Heyman also reports that the Mets are reluctant to offer R.A. Dickey more than two years. Considering what’s happened with Johan Santana and Dickey’s age, that seems like a reasonable precaution to me. (I know guys like Tim Wakefield continued to pitch effectively well into their 40s, but Dickey is a different kind of pitcher than just about every knuckleballer that came before him. His career is going to continue to follow its own path.)

I won’t fault Dickey if he opts to try for a better deal than the one the Mets end up offering this winter, but I will blame Sandy Alderson if he lets Dickey leave at the end of the 2013 season without making a serious attempt to trade him if the contract negotiations fall through.


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  1. Hopefully they realize consistency is key…worry about the bullpen. Improve that and maybe we’ll get some more wins in 2013.


  2. Realistically, the Mets are, at a minimum, a half dozen players away from contending. In other words, they’re nowhere close.

    What I’d like to find is a team or teams salivating over the Mets’ pitching prospects and unload guys like Mejia, Familia, McHugh and maybe Hefner. And for that matter, find teams who might have half an interest in Francisco, Rauch, Ramon Ramirez and Byrdak. The only one of the youngsters who looks like he has a really solid career ahead of him is Harvey as the rest either can’t blow away hitters like young pitchers should or they can’t find the plate with a roadmap.

    That’d leave a five-man staff of Dickey, Niese, Gee, Young and Harvey with maybe Hefner in the wings. Santana’s probably kaput.

    Find some suckers, uh, other teams who might have an interest in some of the pitching prospects and maybe find a good young player(s) who might be in line for a decent-sized contract that his old team isn’t willing to pay.

    Wright is the franchise right now and the ONLY way you can unload him is if the Mets can get two or three established young guys–no prospects. Dickey’s a keeper too. I’d hate to lose either, as they’re two classy guys to have around the clubhouse. But, if either goes, it had better be for something really good–not a payroll dump.


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