2012 Topps Update Mets baseball cards

Matt Harvey’s official rookie card

This year’s Topps Update & Highlights series came out last week, and the Mets got 13 regular baseball cards in the 330 card set. Topps did a nice job of including some middle relievers and bench players who were overlooked in Series 1 and 2 this year, along with Matt Harvey‘s official rookie card and All-Star cards for David Wright and R.A. Dickey.

Topps also did a nice job of showcasing the different uniforms the Mets wore this year. In addition to the road greys and both the cream white and pinstripe home uniforms, the update series cards include Manny Acosta in (last year’s) blue “Los Mets” jersey and Josh Edgin in a black jersey that were only used in a few games. The only thing missing is a shot of a player in a throwback 1989 road jersey that was worn once this year.

Dickey appears on one of the checklist cards, commemorating his most consecutive games with 0 earned runs and 8+ strikeouts, but I’d have rather had a card highlighting Johan Santana‘s no-hitter. Maybe next year. I also don’t see much of a point to giving Harvey a second card to mark his rookie debut when the photo used is so similar to his regular card. Beyond those two nitpicks, I’m happy with the way the Mets fared in this set.


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  1. I do like how — through the miracle of modern, digital photography — the All-Star cards have photos from the actual All-Star Game. Though it’s interesting that the Los Mets jersey is the 2011 version. The 2012 version had the lettering in white, outlined in orange.


    • I hadn’t really paid that much attention to the Los Mets jerseys. I wonder why they made the change to white lettering this year.


      • Yeah, I don’t know. I remember seeing them for the first time and thinking that something was different, and then I looked at the one I have from last year and saw it. I don’t like the white as much. It’ll be interesting to see what the expected new alternates look like for 2013.


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