Bell not quite untradable, Red Sox get their manager & other weekend news items

Yesterday, four teams took advantage of the NLCS day off to announce significant moves.

Signed Heath Bell baseball card from my collection

Signed Heath Bell baseball card from my collection

The Miami Marlins unloaded disappointing former closer Heath Bell on the Arizona Diamondbacks and only had to pick up $8 million of the $21 million owed to him over the next two years, according to MLB Trade Rumors.

Aside from the $13 million salary relief and the removal of a potential clubhouse distraction, Miami also receives minor league infielder Yordy Cabrera from the Oakland Athletics. The disappointing minor league stats of the 22-year-old 2010 second round draft pick suggest he’s not too likely to make it to Miami, though.

The three-team deal also sent disappointing outfielder Chris Young from Arizona to Oakland, and infielder Cliff Pennington from Oakland to Arizona.

While some Mets fans might see this as a missed opportunity to acquire a power-hitting outfielder, I don’t think Young was a particularly good fit. His 2012 on-base percentage was actually worse than Andres Torres‘ and his last good season came in 2010.

More damning, he will make $8.5 million in 2013 and has a $1.5 million buyout on an $11 million club option for 2014. That’s a lot of money to commit to a “project,” especially for a team that doesn’t have a lot of payroll flexibility.

What’s encouraging is that the Marlins were able to rid themselves of an expensive problem – and if they can, maybe the Mets can too.

Meanwhile, in Boston, the Red Sox announced that John Farrell will be their next manager. I think everybody had the sense that Boston wanted him to succeed Terry Francona. Let’s see if he can do what Bobby Valentine could not and turn the Red Sox into a good team again. It would certainly make all of those four-hour Yankee-Red Sox games a lot more watchable.

And with the Yankees season over, we’re starting to find out more about medical issues surrounding their aging stars. Derek Jeter had surgery on his broken left ankle Saturday, but he’s expected to be ready for Opening Day. We’re also learning that CC Sabathia may have bone spurs that could also require surgery.

And according to the New York Times’ David Waldstein,

The Yankees are also expected to conduct examinations on Alex Rodriguez’s hip, which was surgically repaired in 2009, Curtis Granderson’s eyes and Mark Teixeira’s calf.

I’m just surprised they didn’t find some medical issue to explain Robinson Cano‘s poor ALCS performance, too.

Ryota Igarashi, before a New York Mets game in 2010 (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Former New York Mets relief pitcher Ryota Igarashi, seen here in a photo from 2010, may return to Japan in 2013 (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Finally, a pair of former Japanese stars may be returning to the NPB in 2013. The Hanshin Tigers have interest in former Chicago Cubs outfielder Kosuke Fukudome and former Mets reliever Ryota Igarashi, according to YakyuBaka. Neither player was able to replicate their NPB success in Major League Baseball, but I enjoyed watching them and wish them well.


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  1. I know a good promotion for indy league teams next year- how about outdraw the Marlins and their taxpayer funded ballpark day.


  2. I wish they’d go back to counting fannies in the seats and not by tickets “sold”


    • I think it would be interesting to see both numbers. With the newer ballparks, it’s impossible to gauge actual attendance anyway – the people that bought tickets may very well be at the game, but there are too many things going on that keep some of them out of their seats.


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