Ollie Perez re-signs with Seattle

Oliver Perez pitches against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in August (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Here’s something I didn’t expect to see: the Seattle Mariners have re-signed Oliver Perez to a one-year contract. The deal is reportedly worth $1.5 million guaranteed, plus an additional $600,000 in performance bonuses.

Geoff Baker of The Seattle Times writes:

Perez, 31, would likely have attracted considerable attention on the free agent market, given his returned velocity, which we wrote about back in September. He posted a 2.12 ERA in 33 relief outings for the Mariners last season in a comeback off the scrap heap.

I have a hard time thinking of Ollie as a potentially valuable reliever after watching him struggle with walks and home runs during his final years in New York. And the one time I saw him pitch this year, he didn’t manage to retire any of the left-handed batters that he faced. But hey, small sample sizes.

Best of luck to Ollie, and best of luck to the Seattle Mariners – I just would have thought a 75-87 team would want to give younger players a chance.


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  1. Ollie’s left-handed. So long as that fact remains true, he’ll have work as long as he wants it and pretty much wherever he wants it. That’s just baseball.


  2. It’s amazing that this guy can continue to get a major league paycheck. But, as MJ said, there must be something about lefties.


  3. Orosco pitched until he was almost 50. So did Moyer.


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