Recent Mets autograph additions

Here are the two most recent additions to my New York Mets autograph collection:

Luis “Papo” Rosado was a catcher and first baseman who played in nine games for the 1977 New York Mets and two games for the 1980 New York Mets. They are his only Major League appearances. His minor league career spanned at least 14 seasons, from 1972 to 1986.

I obtained his autograph by writing to him and asking him to sign my card – it was the first piece of mail I got when postal delivery resumed last week after Hurricane Sandy.

Rosado does not have any nationally-released Major League baseball cards, just one in the 1991 Wiz Mets stadium giveaway set and some various minor league ones.


Ricky Guetierrez was the Mets’ opening day second baseman in 2004. He didn’t hit at all, and he was released before Memorial Day. As it turns out, that proved to be fortunate for Gutierrez – he caught on with the Chicago Cubs, who traded him to the Boston Red Sox. While he didn’t participate in any of Boston’s playoff games, he did receive a World Series ring. Gutierrez spent 12 seasons in the Major Leagues, from 1993 to 2004, primarily as a shortstop.

I obtained this card from Sure Shot Promotions, who brought Gutierrez to a sports card show in New England earlier this month.

According to Beckett Media, Gutierrez has appeared on 240 baseball cards, but none show him in a New York Mets uniform.


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  1. Will in Central NJ

    While attending a Cubs-Mets game at Shea in September 1980, I noticed during a bathroom run that catcher Luis Rosado (a September callup from AAA) had come up the runway from the Mets’ home bullpen to the barricade at the Field Level concourse and was signing autographs during the game. A small crowd of maybe ten fans had gathered, and Rosado, wearing #58, was signing away.

    For some reason, a security guard broke it up and sent everyone on their way. Not sure why he did that, since Rosado was signing of his own free will, out of general view, without management or teammates bugging him. A high school senior at the time, I was one of the disappointed who didn’t get a Rosado autograph.

    As for the game, Steve Henderson won the game, 10-7, with a thrilling game-winning walk-off three run homer off of future HOFer Bruce Sutter.

    Wasn’t Ricky Gutierrez the alleged clubhouse barber who was giving Armando Benitez a trim during a game in 2004? Man, the tabloids had a field day with that one.


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