Can-Am League catch-up: LaPoint out in Rockland, Worcester out for 2013

Original Rockland Boulders manager Dave LaPoint (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

The Rockland Boulders have announced that manager Dave LaPoint will not return for the 2013 season.

“As an expansion franchise in any sport in any league, the first few seasons are always the toughest,” team President Ken Lehner said in a press release. “We greatly appreciate all Dave has done to help us build a foundation for continued success.”

The Boulders are currently searching for their next manager.

While the team’s statement does not mention coach Damian Rolls, he is no longer listed on the staff page of Rockland’s website.

I believe Trois-Rivieres manager Pete LaForest, Newark pitching coach Ralph Citarella and New Jersey pitching coach Ed Ott are the only remaining Can-Am League coaches who have played in the major leagues. Hopefully teams with vacancies will look for some higher-profile names, but it doesn’t seem all that likely.

No pro baseball in Worcester next year

Ballpark Digest reports that Worcester will not have professional baseball next season, after the Can-Am League revoked the the membership of the Worcester Tornadoes because of financial issues. City officials are targeting 2014 for baseball’s return, but the Can-Am League is not the only possibility for the market.

There are three potential leagues in play for Worcester: the Can-Am League, a feeder league associated with the independent Atlantic League, and the summer-collegiate Futures Collegiate Baseball League.

Cuevas heads to Austrailia

Finally, TheAustrailianBaseballDigest notes that the Sydney Blue Sox have signed 2012 Newark Bears pitcher Caleb Cuevas upon the recommendation of his offseason training partner, Oakland Athletics pitcher Grant Balfour, a Sydney native.

Balfour sent his father, Blue Sox General Manager David Balfour, an email detailing the skills Cuevas possesses. Balfour, who has thrown upwards of 100 mph, told his father that Cuevas himself was a “flamethrower.”


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  1. Paul,

    Judging by the press release, it was the Boulders who let LaPoint go, as opposed to him leaving on his own.

    They were the second best draw in the league for their first two seasons, narrowly missing the top spot.

    As minor league ball, especially lower level and indy, is more about drawing than winning–as there’s not much of a correlation–what were the Boulders expecting out of LaPoint? And, as there’s no farm system to speak of (the feeder NY State League doesn’t count for much) and what plays in the lower indy leagues are a few has beens and mostly never weres, what were the Boulders expecting, period? In other words, what didn’t LaPoint do for them?


    • Paul,

      Unless my eyes deceived me, I saw a comment of yours whch disappeared, saying something like LaPoint was booted (left?) after a year in Bridgeport.

      He’s had a few indy jobs–manager, pitching coach. Except maybe for the Lumberjacks (back in the last century), it doesn’t appear that he grows roots anywhere he goes. But he is hireable, so it seems, otherwise his reputation (if there is one) of being a pain in the ass would follow him around and no one would touch him.

      And it looks like Rockland let him go. Wonder what happened. Speculative question: Do GMs hope against hope, so to speak, and think that the Dave LaPoint they’re considering hiring is different than the other Dave LaPoints?


      • After I made my original comment, I decided to go with the “if you can’t say something nice…” school of thought.

        LaPoint does have a productive track record, but as you note, he does move around a lot.


  2. Maybe he’ll go back to the Ducks???


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