Jose Reyes’ 2013 Topps baseball card

Jose Reyes' 2013 Topps baseball card

Jose Reyes’ 2013 Topps baseball card


When I started collecting baseball cards, we had to wait until the “traded” set came out at the end of the season to get baseball cards that shows players with their new teams. (I remember wondering why Jack Clark was a St. Louis Cardinal on all his 1988 baseball cards, even though he played for the Yankees – and by the time he finally had Yankees cards, he had moved on the the San Diego Padres.)

But this is the 21st century, and it’s a whole lot easier to manipulate photos now. So Topps was able to give us a Jose Reyes baseball card showing him as a Blue Jay before he even took the field for them in a spring training game.

I really could have done without the Alex Rodriguez paragraph.


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  1. Yes, being touted by A-Rod is not exactly you want on your resume these days.


  2. The controversy over the A-Rod comment was that it was seen as a swipe against Derek Jeter.


  3. Yeah, I love the A-Rod comment because of the Jeter association.


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