Catching up with the Mets

The Mets have alternated between being frustrating and entertaining since Memorial Day.

Looking back through my Facebook posts from the past couple of weeks, we start with the annoying:


I would have liked to go to the Memorial Day game, but not enough to spend $59 for the privilege… and since this year’s Subway Series games at Citi Field featured the smallest crowds ever, I can’t be the only one who thinks the Mets overpriced the tickets.

But they were sure fun to watch on TV, even if I didn’t let myself get wrapped up in the hype… too much.





Like all good things, the Mets’ winning streak came to an end. I was sick for much of the weekend, so at least most of the details of the Florida Miami Marlins’ sweep are kind of fuzzy for me.

A day off, a walk-off loss in Washington and an offensive explosion at the expense of the Nationals, and here we are.

The 2013 New York Mets are not very good, no matter how they looked in the Subway Series. They are currently on pace to lose 95 games, seven games worse than last year’s finish and a match for the 2003 club’s record of futility.

But these Mets – for all their flaws – are interesting enough to keep me tuning in most nights. I’m actually disappointed that they’re rained out tonight and likely tomorrow too. I’m even debating whether its a good idea to buy a ticket for Saturday in hopes of seeing Matt Harvey pitch.



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