Jumbo Mets baseball cards

Topps sponsors a home team starting lineup display that hangs near the main entrance to Citi Field, above the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. These over-sized baseball cards are as close as many of the team’s role players will get to being immortalized on cardboard.

Thanks to the terrible player selection in Topps Series 1 and a decision to use a different photo if the original baseball card featured a photo of the player in a road uniform or a horizontal layout, most of this year’s “cards” are unique. I can confirm that Ike Davis and Jonathon Niese‘s lineup display “cards” are just super-sized versions of their regular baseball cards, and I suspect that Dillon Gee‘s is too.

Here is a look at some of the unique ones:

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  1. I wonder what they do with the giant cards after they’re done. Maybe we should keep an eye on eBay for a humongous Collin Cowgill card. 🙂


    • They used to go to the company that sells off the team’s game-used jerseys and other memorabilia, but I haven’t seen any at their stand during recent trips to Citi Field.


  2. I’ve always been a fan of oversized cardboard… but can’t imagine bringing one of these home. I hope the A’s do the same thing and hang these up around the Coliseum.


    • I thought most teams did this. The Phillies had a board visible outside the stadium when I visited their park a few years ago. (Then again, if the Yankees have a Topps Lineup display, I haven’t found where they keep it.)


  3. Where’s the oversized Eric Young? I want to see that one.


    • If he sticks around awhile, he’ll get one. (Though I’m not sure if they’ve gotten to Omar Quintanilla yet… last time I went to a game he started, they were still using the generic Mets logo card in his spot.)

      I’ll probably be able to update this gallery sometime after the 4th of July.


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