Autographs of our new Mets: Zack Wheeler & Eric Young Jr.

The Mets have brought in 18 new players this year, including three this week.

I don’t have Carlos Torres‘ autograph, which isn’t much of a surprise. As best as I can tell from Beckett’s database, he only appeared in one nationally issued baseball card set.

But I did manage to get Zack Wheeler to sign a couple of baseball cards for me last year when the Binghamton Mets visited Trenton, including this one that shows him in a Mets’ uniform:

Autographed Zack Wheeler baseball card from my collection

Autographed Zack Wheeler Bowman Sterling baseball card from my collection

And I had a signed card of Eric Young Jr. thanks to my tendency to pick up autographs of players with connections to New Jersey when I have the opportunity.

Signed Eric Young Jr. Topps Chrome baseball card from my collection

Signed Eric Young Jr. Topps Chrome baseball card from my collection

I need to review and verify my checklist, but by last count I have signed baseball cards for 860 of 958 Mets baseball players.


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  1. Very nice Wheeler card. That’s one I’d like to get before the price starts to skyrocket.


    • Wheeler does have three certified autographs where he’s shown as a Met in Bowman products (though one is numbered out of 10 and another is numbered out of 25.)

      My card is just a standard Bowman Sterling one that I got signed in person at a game last year.


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