A 12-team American Association could present a problem for the Can-Am League

Cohen Stadium in El Paso, Texas, former home of the El Paso Diablos (credit: Smguy101 at en.wikipedia)

Cohen Stadium in El Paso, Texas, former home of the El Paso Diablos (credit: Smguy101 at en.wikipedia)

We’re still waiting for the official release of the 2014 Can-Am League schedule, but there’s reason to believe that it will have a different look.

For the past two seasons, the Can-Am League and the American Association have played a number of interleague games because both had an odd number of teams.

With the El Paso Chihuahuas, a Pacific Coast League team affiliated with the San Diego Padres, replacing the El Paso Diablos, the American Association currently has a dozen teams listed on its website. The Diablos are considering a move to Joplin, Mo., but they are hoping taxpayers will fund $5.9 million in stadium upgrades needed to make the move possible. A decision could come at the Dec. 9 city council meeting

If the American Association plays with 12 teams in 2014, it would force the Can-Am League to find a way to operate with an even number. They could add a league-operated road team, as they’ve done in the past. Of course, if they are able to add a sixth team or if they lose one of the current ones, it won’t be an issue.


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  1. Maybe the Bears will go into hibernation.


  2. Official. Nô more bears ni 2014


    • Real,

      Though it wouldn’t surprise me if they went under, where did you get your info? There’s nothing online that I can see–the Star Ledger (they’d probably revel in it), CanAm League website, Google search–anything.


    • Real (and Paul),

      Just got an email from the Boulders. No Bears on the schedule. Looks like the annual bear hunt included Newark.

      Couple random thoughts:

      Cetnar is probably laughing what’s left of his head off somewhere…and…

      AC went two years and out after dropping from the Atlantic to the CanAm and Nashua went four and out. The Bears fit right in the middle–three and out. I’ll bet Danielle and the doctor are wondering where it all went wrong.


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