Morning reading: Development or dollars – why did Houston send top prospect George Springer to the minor leagues?

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Houston Astros prospect George Springer hit .161 this spring, but service time concerns are probably the real reason he’ll open the year in the minor leagues. Houston reportedly offered the 24-year-old outfielder a seven-year, $23 million contract before he played a game in the major leagues, but Springer turned it down. By keeping him in the minor leagues to start the season, the Astros can delay Springer’s eligibility for salary arbitration and free agency. His agent is reportedly considering whether to file a grievance. (FOX Sports and Houston Chronicle)


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  1. I find it annoying when supposed Mets fans whine as though they’re the only team that plays the Super Two Shuffle. It’s all of baseball.


    • Pittsburgh was even more obvious about it with one of their outfield prospects who was actually having a good spring. Instead of whining about Stephen Drew, Kendry Morales & Ervin Santana’s situations because of their qualifying offer miscalculations, I’d like to see Tony Clark make some noise about the free agency delay/super two shuffle.


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