Vintage Shea Stadium postcard


Vintage Shea Stadium postcard

Here’s a vintage Shea Stadium postcard that my friend Greg found for me a little while ago. I only remember the old ballpark from the neon ballplayer era, so this is a particularly neat glimpse of the past for me.

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  1. Very cool. Kind of an odd angle for a photo of Shea, but very cool. I keep saying I need to look into baseball-related postcards, but I never quite get around to it.

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  2. Thanks for sharing, Paul. I have a variation of the same postcard, from the same era, but w/ “Shea Stadium” in red letters, plus little caricatures of a Met and a Jet player each, all across the top.

    Actually, it seems the stadium postcard is a dying collectible. My attempts to purchase one at three minor league parks I recently visited were met w/ apologetic words from sales staff at Lehigh Valley, Wilmington, and Binghamton. In the era of e-mail and IM, very few folks seem to send letter or postcards anymore. Thus postcard production seems sharply reduced.


    • I don’t think I’ve ever sent a postcard through the mail. Before digital cameras, they were a way to get “guaranteed” souvenir photos of places we went on vacations. (Remember the days where you took your photos, sent the film off for processing & hoped that the pictures turned out the way you hoped they would? For me, they almost never did.)

      I wonder if the way we take & share photos had a bigger hand in pushing postcards to the “endangered” list than the way we handle written communication.


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