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1960s Mets pins

My friend Greg found me some more neat New York Mets pins, so let’s take a look at all the ones in my collection from the first decade of the team’s history. Read the rest of this entry


Courtesy is contagious

courtesy-is-contagiousMy friend Greg found this nifty 1960s New York Mets pin and got it for me. Brinke Guthrie of Uni-Watch thinks it was worn by ushers and vendors at Shea Stadium. It’s very cool, and very much appreciated.

Mr. Met

I have dozens of collectible Pop! vinyl figures… they are well on their way to becoming the Beanie Babies of this decade. Funko has made figures for just about every license you  could imagine… and quite a few that you probably wouldn’t.

Until today, I did not have any of the baseball ones. Thanks to my friend Greg, I’m able to cross Mr. Met off of my wishlist.

IMG_20151103_201159 20151103_200337 (more…)